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Money and GOLD


Thomas Jefferson:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their father conquered”

Economists typically define money as having three charicteristics: (i) medium of exchange, (ii) store of vlaue, (iii) Unit of account. Additionally, typically money has a central issuing, authorizing and regulating authority.

For instance, in days long ago, Kings and monarch issued money of the kingdom. Often this money was in the form of coins created by the kings mint. Further these coins typically had a base metal such as gold or silver or sometimes were pure gold or silver.

At times gold was used and considered money but today the worlds economy mainly uses what is called fiat money.

Fiat money is issue by central authority, typically by a government, and is given the status of legal tender first for taxes and other debts.

Money-Based Investments

Stocks Bonds, Annuties are Mmoney Based Investments

All these, money based  investments are reliant on the confidence and strengh of the societies money which factor into their value.

Let us consider a transaction where you purchase a bond or some stock in a company. After you have paid for the stock or bond you no longer have the money. In its place you have a certificate or bond, which at a later date can be redeemed for payment in money.

The common demoninator in the purchase and sale of these money based assets is money. Thus the value of the money is an imprortant factor in determining profit or loss.

Value of Money

So how is the value of money determined. In any society it boils down to confidence and trust. Confidence that, if you accept payment for your gooods or service in money and the trust you can, thereafter, exchage it to another party for other goods and services at the same or grater value. Other economic fators influence the value of a societies money at any  given time, for example inflation.

Inflation as an Example-

Let us say there is an inflation rate of ten percent.  As a result we know the value of one dollar will be decreased by ten percent. And the value of $100.00 will be decreased by $10.00.

Hence, if you paid $100.00 for the stock certificate then when you sell it, you would need to recieve d$110.00 to break even.

So money is fundamental to any investment discussion.

Further, you must factor in the the ten percent inflation in any profit loss computation. Of course other factors affect stock prices such as the performance of the company and on a bond the bonds yeild is important.

This is why it is critical to have an understaning of money before you consider any investment.


What do the Experts Say?

Jim Rickard may very well be correct when he says Gold is going to Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) per ounce. After watching the video below, imediately contact ===>Regal Assets before you loose out on the comming gold rush. The gold price and gold rate today will be gold’s lows in the very near future. History tell us gold is a hedge against financial crisis and store of value.

The Chart Shows Increase in Spot Gold Price over Time-

Gold Price and the Gold Rate Today

The Chart shows how the gold rate today is substanially higher the just a few years ago.

“Gold is a safe haven hedging instrument”

Mohamad A. El-Erian economic adviser to Alliance,Allianz, the corporate parent of PIMCO. Previously Mr. Erian served as CEO and co-chief investment officer of PIMCO.

Who is James G. Rickards:

  • Mr Rickard was the general counsed for hedge fund Long Term Capital Management; as the senior and managing director for market intelligence at Omnis Inc.,
  • testified before the House of Representatives on the 2008 financial crisis
  •  and the author of The New York Times bestsellers Currency Wars:
    • The Making of the Next Global Crisis, published in 2011,
    • The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, published in 2014,
    • The New Case for Gold, published in 2016, and
    • The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis, also published in 2016
    • as an author and lawyer is a highly respected and regular commentator on finace worldwide. Mr. Rickards makes his very compeling argument using facts, evidence and logic and is compelling but he is not alone in his recomendation to buy gold. [See- ]

Jim Rickards says:

“For more than a month gold prices have been unable to break above the $1,300.00 level but one expert [Mr. Jim Rickards] is not too concerned, noting that $10,000.00 gold may be on the horizon. Speaking with Kitco News, best-selling author Jim Rickards said the Federal Reserve could “catalyze a major gold rally.” Markets are pricing in a nearly 100% chance the Fed will hike rates in December and if they don’t, Rickards said the metal may skyrocket. After that, he wouldn’t be surprised to see prices jump even further up. “My intermediate target is $10,000 an ounce.”

Where can you Buy Physical Gold-

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Over the centuries Gold has proven its ability to hold its value and as a safegaurd against financial catastrophies. The consensus of most experts is that we are headed for financial catastrophy. The confidence provided to gold by the world can not be disputed. So where will investors go when the next downturn arrives.

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Buy Gold-NOW before  the gold price goes up …

Futures are contracts to buy or sell gold under certian conditions. There is not necessarily gold reserves behind the contract.

While gold supplies are limited the paper (futures) market is limitless, until demands are made for the gold promises behind those contracts. We know there is alimited amount of gold


  • Prices of gold are “ready for an explosion to the upside ” yet physical supply is as tight as a drum.
  • Despite Gold refiners working arond the clock, they cannot meet demand.
  • Countries such as Russia and China continue to move reserves away from Dollar assets and into gold. Dollars are subject to sanctions or can be frozen with political winds. These contries are purchasing huge amonunt of gold wich are not subject to asset freezes, sanctins and seizures.
  • If Gold futures made a demand on gold of sixty tons or more and  “… The largest bullion banks in the world could not source 60 tons of physical gold if they had months to do it. … There’s just not that much gold available. But in the paper gold market, there’s no limit on size, so anything goes. …” (Jim Rickards) What Jim is saying is derivitive paper contracts on gold could be called requiring banks to deliver gold and there just isn’t enough gold to satisfy thosed demands.

What the  Experts Say-

by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning

“Get ready for an explosion to the upside in the dollar price of gold…”
The physical fundamentals are stronger than ever for gold. Russia and China continue to be huge buyers. China bans export of its 450 tons per year of physical production.

Gold refiners are working around the clock and cannot meet demand. Gold refiners are also having difficulty finding gold to refine as mining output, official bullion sales and scrap inflows all remain weak.

Private bullion continues to migrate from bank vaults at UBS and Credit Suisse into nonbank vaults at Brinks and Loomis, thus reducing the floating supply available for bank unallocated gold sales.

In other words, golds physical supply situation is tight as a drum yet the paper contracts for gold increase, unbirdled. When those contracts are called there will not be enough gold in the world to meet the demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy gold Bullion?

You can purcahse gold bullion from a reputable seller such as ===> Regal Assets.

Will my investment be safe?

What history tells is almost certianly you will have a hedge against any downturn in economic conditions.

Where will I keep my gold?

You should store your gold in a safe secure site. Not a bank safe deposit or vault but there are many secure private storage vaults. The folks at ==>Regal Assets can recomend and arrange storage in the US as well as offshore in such private vaults.

How can I be sure my gold will hold its value?

Answer: You can’t. But if history teaches anything it teaches us that gold has always endured financial crisis and depressions.