Increasing Gold Rates Today and in 2018

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Explosive Annual Rise in Gold Price USD and Gold Rate Today

Gold is a safe-haven asset and portfolio diversifier

Gold has proven itself over thousands of years as a safe heaven commodity and investment. Gold is one of the best methods to diversify your portfolio.

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Fundamentals for Gold Look Great for 2018

  • -Physical Fundamentals for purchasing gold are strongest in years and continue to improve;
  • -Gold mines and refiners despite working twenty-four seven are having problems finding gold to refine. The result will be shortage of supply in 2018;
  • -Central Banks, most notably Russia India and China have been purchasing three hundred eight five tons of gold per year further draining available supplies;
  • -China has banned export of its gold production, estimated to be four hundred fifty tons removing four hundred fifty tons of gold from world supply.
    • This will also increase China’s  reserves.
  • -Privately owned bullion continues to be moving from Central Bank vaulst to private vaults;


Geopolitical Issues continue to create Stability Risks

  • Geopolitical risks increase every day they include Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, South China Sea and many more unforeseen risks.
  • Deteriorating relations between U.S. and Russia translate into Russia accelerating its efforts to move away from using US dollar and dollar denominated assets towards assets such as gold. The reasoning for this is simple the U.S. assets can be frozen at any time.
  • Further, Russia and China realize the advantage to the US by using a U.S. Dollar as world reserve currency and are trying to remove that advantage from world markets.
  • If war with North Korea takes place it will create great economic and social uncertainty. The economic distress will drive money to commodities especially gold;
  • Stocks are most certainly on the verge of market corrections to the downside and investors will be looking for saftey of gold;
  • Anyu calls on gold futures and ETF markets will reduce the tight gold supply. In fact a large call for gold most likely could not be meet by Central Banks. The result will be failure to deliver gold in the market.

Gold Breakout

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Gold analyst Eddie Van Der Walt produced this ten year chart for gold price USD and Gold Rate today. As you see the gold price have converged into a small range. This range has narrowed since 2015 but most especially in 2016 and 2017. Certainly gold will not remain in this narrow band much longer and most experts suggest a breakout to the upside.

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Weakness in US Dollar will support continued rise in Gold prices

Dollar opens the new year down.

  • Ending year 2017 the US currency declined to a four month low against the Euro and stocks,
  • In 2017 the US Dollar had its largest yearly drop since 2003,
  • As a results of the decline in the US Dollar gold had a thirteen percent (13%) rise,
  • Given existing world scenario it is almost certain the US Dollar will continue its fall during 2018 increasing the demand for the safety of gold.