The Argument for Gold in 2018 — Gold Price and Gold Rates are rising

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The Argument for Gold in 2018

  • Confidence in the US and its currency has never been lower than it is today. Government shut down has given the world and investors another reason for losing confidence in US Dollar. As confidence wanes investors will flee the dollar and drive price of assets such as gold up.
  • The world is moving away from having the US Dollar as its reserve currency. China and Russia have made this public and are making aggressive move to accomplish this happen. Last Wednesday China announced it will be selling and buying less US Treasuries.
  • The US Dollar continues its fall and gold is alternative of choice for investors, and it will be for you when you purchase it.
  • Inflation is up, despite what the Government may publish. Not once in history has gold failed to be a safe hedge against inflation and it is now, so it is prudent for you to own Gold.
  • China is moving away and selling current holding in treasuries. It is easy to see ho this will lead to a further decline in the US Dollar.
  • In December, 2017 Federal Reserve raised interest rates. This was the third December in a row that the Feds have done this and every time after they raised rates gold prices prices rose and continued their rise throught the year. So gold price rose in January, 2018 and you can expect the rise to continue throught 2018.




Government Shut Down –

The government shut down comes at a time that confidence in the US dollar is at an all-time low. Even if there is a short-term solution, (CRS) the world is seeing a dysfunctional government in chaos.

Some may argue that the ebb of confidence in US goes only to social and environmental issues. However, this argument is short sided, it does not account for what history teaches us.

Once a countries status falters then that lack of confidence rolls into its economic stature. The loss of confidence in the US also means loss in US Dollar. It is evident a result of the shut down is that the  dollar, already at a four year low, will also see a loss of confidence and further devaluation.


US Dollar at lowest level in Four Years –

Major currencies climbed to fresh multi-month and multi-year highs against the U.S. dollar this second week in January 2018. This plunge contines despite the Federal Reserve raising interest rate

late December, 2017.

China has begun to liquidate US Treasuries en masse. Last Wednsday China anounced it would begin selling and reduce its future purchases of US Treasuries. Of course, China is world largest owner of trasuries and as they reduce there demand the price of trasuries wil have to rise.

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