The Real Economic Issue is the Falling Dollar

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Stock Market Tumbles as US Dollar and Fiat Currencies Fall

The focus of most people is on the stock market and its rollercoaster performance. However, the real story is what is happening with the US dollar and every other fiat currency. If the dollar continues its fall than all dollar denominated investments will also fall. One of the best hedges against a falling dollar is gold. You can get a FREE informative guide on gold, and investing in gold or setting up your gold IRA here ===>.

I suggest we should be looking at the weakening dollar. On the other hand, gold appears to be undervalued and has a proven history as a hedge against a falling dollar.

We have written about money and gold on this web site  and the lessons that history provides about finance and monetary systems.

What it is clear, after years of research and reading, is that all fiat currencies have failed. Considered the oldest currency in history, the pond had ife span much longer then US dollar and it failed.


Most connect the pound with British. Yet, the pond existed in continental Europe when Rome ruled Europe. During that time, the pond was the world’s reserve currency.

As a unit of currency, the pound, was used as far back as 775 AD.

In 1694, King William established the Bank of England to continue funding his war against France.

Fiat Currency and Gold

We suggest that people should be looking at what is happening with the US dollar. Then make moves to investment strategy that will help insure if the dollar continues to fall they can be insulated. Many experts are touting the same thesis.

Jim Rickards:

The markets continue to degrade and weaken as each month passes, even though they continue to tick higher in price. The foundation that props them up is based on fiat and that is

Gold is incredibly undervalued and has not yet priced in a “collapse style scenario”. The time to buy is now. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

being threatenedThink the US dollar is to strong and will not fail?


Purchase Gold Your Hedge and Insurance against Falling Dollar

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