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Do Not Miss Golds bull Run has Begun Gold Prices and Gold Rates Going Up

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Do not wait to chase the gold bull market

This site is attempting to get the story out and help you understand with facts and evidence what the markets are doing. It will be too late if you wait for the crisis to start. There will not be gold to buy. This is not simply our thesis but most knowledgeable informed expert’s thesis as well.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and recommend. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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Today let us discuss the state of the economy


  1. Bitcoin – down approximately seventy percent
  2. Slowest job growth- since 2010

Wages were down-

  • Wages were reported up 2.9%, but
    • hours worked went down,
    • The reported 2.6% increase in wages was not adjusted for inflation after inflation wage most likely went down. (prices appeared to rise)


Only two scenarios n the near future:

  1. QE Four –
    • Fed will print money to stimulate the economy because to not print do so is politically unacceptable. Furthermore, this is the only stimulus available to the Fed. (interest rates are already at zero) The world reaction to another round of QE will confirm the obvious QE 1, 2, and 3 did not work. So why will QE 4 work?
  2. Downturn Continues
    • As the crisis begins or has begun it will cause inflation to increase, Stocks, bonds, oil to continue their fall.

We suggest recent market chaos may be result of Fed recent increase in interest rates or increase in debt that that is being brought on by recent tax bill and administration budget plan to add one trillion to the annual deficit. The point is markets are in uncertainty and when markets are uncertainty they always fall.

Either way future looks good for gold prices today — gold rates today and for gold into the future.

Stocks are in wild gyrations, crypto is crashing, oil is down, Fed have raised interest rates and so “Makes no sense people are not rushing into gold” (says – Peter Schiff).

Steve Schiff video


Charles Nenner Says:


What does renowned financial cycle expert Charles Nenner think you should buy for protection? Nenner says, “You buy gold because nothing else is going to keep its value. Gold is going, as I have said for a long time, to $2,500 (per ounce) at least.
Again, you buy gold because nothing else will keep its value. Stocks can go down, you can get stuck with some losses in the bond market, the housing market will go down based on homebuilder stocks and the financial system can scare you. So, what is left? Buy gold.”


If you wait you will lose the opportunity to see your gold investment not only increase in value but also have it preserve your wealth. The time to buy gold is now once the adjustment (crisis) starts your opportunity will been missed.

The good folks at Regal Assets can be you gold provider and able to be your one stop shop. They will arrange delivery of gold via secured transprotation and assist in arranging in a private strorgae facility in the US or offshore.




The Gold Rush Gold Prices and Gold Rates Today are Up

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Why – Gold Prices and Gold Rates Today – will Continue to Increase

The latest data indicates Gold is beginning a multi-year bull market.

  1. First Gold historic experienced a rally from 1999 to 2011. During that time
  2. Second, Gold went from approximately $250 per ounce to $1,900 per ounce. This was a gain of about 900% in that twelve-year span.
  3. Then, gold prices fell in a 50% retracement (using the 1999 base) and fell to approximately $1,050 per ounce in December 2015.
  4. Now, Gold has gained over 23% in 2016-2017. Looks like the gold has entered a new multi-year bull run.

To better understand this thesis of gold bull run we suggest reading Mr. Jim Rickards blog at .

However, the reason for you purchasing physical gold is not simply its rising price. Physical gold offers you other important and distinct advantages that other investments cannot.

So, it is important to make the distinction; the benefit of gold we postulate will come from your ownership of physical gold; but not paper forms of gold, like ETFs or futures contracts.

===>Regal Assets

We offer up the following for your consideration:

One of the most important factors of an investment is how well it holds its value. Monetary derived investment are only as strong as the currency supporting them.  Stock markets are experiencing wild gyrations from uncertainty and loss of confidence in fiat currencies.

Currencies loss of value

  • The fundamental structure of any economy is its currency,
  • Fiat currencies around the world are under attack and suffering from loss of confidence,
  • The value of the world reserved currency; the U.S. Dollar is continuing its fall,

Gold value, on the other hand, has increased in value and is continuing on its bull market path.

Gold Outperforms Other Investment During Crisis

Your gold will protect when the crisis hits. Gold will protect your future, your standard of living, your wealth.

You are Fee to ignore it at your own peril. The clear signs have appeared gold has entered a bull market. The moves of the Feds and other Central Banks are accelerating this bull market in gold.

Golds as a Store of Value –

Using Gold as a store of value has been done for over three thousand years.

Gold bullion has served as a store of value longer than any currency.

For instance, in comparison to gold’s three thousand year history the Pound, one or the world’s oldest currencies, is about one-thousand two-hundred years old.

Over the long term, all major currencies have lost purchasing power when compared to gold bullion. The following chart shows that since 1900 physical gold is the best long-term store of value.

  • Imagine you saying I preserved my family’s purchasing power by owning gold.

Golds value is timeless but Fluctuations occur in all investment, including gold.

gold is a Tangible Asset

Gold is not just another commodity.

  • Almost all the gold ever mined is still in existence.
  • You will not use up Gold like oil or other commodities. Imagine Gold is the asset you own and hold, forever.

Gold and the Stock Market

It is fair to say at this time we are all concerned that the stock market may not be having a correction but is on course to crash. Either way gold has historically risen, more times than not, when the stock market declines. The Risk of systemic risk has not been higher in almost a decade. Gold performance is more than enough evidence it can offer a way to protect your wealth and purchasing power.

Conclusion –

You are free to ignore all the historical facts and emerging indicators but then you will miss this upcoming gold rush.

==>Regal Assets


Markets Crash Gold Prices & Gold Rates Today Rise or Hold

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Post 2-9-18

Correction or Crisis Gold Will Be Your Hedge

Today we are seeing the markets in turmoil. Whether this is a correction or the rescission as some predict, what is important is that you protect yourself against this downturn.

Stocks, bonds and other dollar denominated investments will fall with the US Dollar and other fiat currencies. The current credit bubble appears to be bursting, worries about overheated economy, and increased inflation have caused uncertainty throwing the markets into chaos.

Gold prices and Gold Rates today are undervalued

  • In downturns and times of crisis Gold throughout history, has always proven its value. Certainly, it will do so again. We suggest you consider gold to hedge against loss in the markets.
  • Gold is undervalued and as the turmoil and market, downturns continue gold prices will rise. The US dollar and all fiat currencies are falling and when currencies fall gold rises
  • In a world where the dollar is falling, then gold is the asset that can save your wealth.
  • Market experts agree gold prices and gold rates today are undervalued. Mr. Jim Rickards says:

“Gold is incredibly undervalued and has not yet priced in a “collapse style scenario”. The time to buy is now. Don’t say you weren’t warned”

  • This is the third bull market in gold
  • Gold will increase because of the debt bomb. The US will always pay its debts but inflation will increase.
  • Bitcoin will not survive but block chain will survieve (Digital Ledger Technology)

Mr. Mike Maloney Agrees:


Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and recommend. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Many Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of this web site or product companies and should not be construed as financial, investment or accounting advice. It is simply general information.

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The Credit Bubble, UNCERTAINTY and Market Collapse

Credit bubble –

A Credit bubble is created by easy credit. Easy credit is a result of low interest rates and abundant money supply. We have been in an easy credit environment since at least 2014.

The single biggest reason we have seen near zero interest rates is the Federal Reserve (Fed). The Fed further contributed to easy credit via its QE programs flooding the system with abundant money.

Past –

  • The Federal Reserve has artificially set low interest rates creating easy credit conditions.
  • The Fed has given the system an abundant supply of money via its QE buying programs.

Present –

  • The Fed is now raising interest rates tightening credit
  • The Fed is selling assets purchased by QE programs, thereby reducing the money supply and tightening credit.

Jim Rickards has argued that the Fed is “tightening into weakness.” Jim says this tightening could cause the very recession the Fed is trying to avoid.

Credit bubble bursting

The Confusion, Delusion of the Fed Actions — Its Effect will be to
Increase Gold Prices & Gold Rates Today and in the future

Recently we have seen volatility in the stock and bond market. We suggest this is just the beginning and more chaos is to come.  The main cause of this volatility is the recent Fed announcements and actions. Markets appear to be confused and worried.

  • The confusion come from conflicting actions by Central Banks in the US and ECB.
  • Worry form the Fed commitment to increasing interest rates and that this will increase inflation.

Fed created easy credit attempting to increase to two percent but failed

  1. A maximum of markets is that lower interest rates creates growth and inflation. But the Feds artificially kept interest  near zero wanting to hit two percent inflation target. But no or at best only nominal inflation to consumer prices appeared.

Now contrary to historical precedent and contrary all economic science Fed says  — lower interest rates did not increase inflation but believe me, higher interest rates will. And they will do so without creating inflation or collapsing the economy.

Tightening Credit — Antithesis — of Easy Credit

The Feds actions tighten credit will slow economic conditions as history proves.

  1. Fed’s announcement and raise to interest rates beginning in December 2017 and continuing into 2018 will reduce easy credit;
  2. Fed’s announcement that it will start to sell assets purchased through its QE programs will reduce the supply of money in the system and reduce easy credit.

Confusion from tightening

It is not clear why since the Fed near zero interest rate (easy credit) failed to increase inflation it would now increase interest rate.

In other words, what happen to the need for inflation or worse is the Fed now saying higher interest rates will produce inflation.

Certainly one can make an argument inflation will increase with higher interest rates. But the important question is where does the Fed, the policy maker, really stand on this matter. Appears the have no idea how to create inflation. They seem to be saying — lower interest rates failed; so let us try its opposite; higher rates.

More confusion transmitted from Central Banks

While the Fed tightens money, ECB loosens money, further leading to Confusion in the markets?

While the Fed is selling assets, the ECB is buying assets and printing more money via QE programs. So which Central bank will investor believe? These conflicting actions are causing more confusion to the markets or excuse me uncertainty.


Current Market turmoil certainly has many factors. We have simply present a few of the most prescient for your consideration. Of  course you are FREE to act and believe as you wish. However, we hope you will make an informed decision based on credible fact based arguments. In that light, we have attempted to explain current situation that is unfolding. There are always many ways to address these type of issues the one we suggested, GOLD, is just one possible insurance policy against crisis. Should you decide on owning Gold ==>REGAL ASSETS can be your provider including arranging delivery and storage when you desire. They are a no-preasure A rated gold provider.

God Bless and hope you reap much rewards in life.



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Our Credit Bubble

It hard, to argue that we are not in a credit bubble. The credit market is the easiest in history with rates near zero.

  • The Feds have printed almost four trillion of new money
  • Interest Rates are lowest in all of mankind’s history

Inflation has appeared in asset prices but only nominally if at all in consumer prices. Under Rising are bonds, stocks, commodities and real estate are turbulent waters below. These waters being agitated with auto loans, credit card debt, student loans, mortgage securitization and let us not forget derivatives.

Once again we urge you and everyone to diversify there portfolios. You of course are freee to invest in whatever, but suggest consideration to  GOLD as hedge and insurance against crisis.

We aim to be accurate, but cannot guarantee that all information here is accurate or current or covers every individual case, and we do not assume any obligation to update any of the information contained here. Always consult a CPA and/or an attorney on tax issues and professional financial advisor.

We may be compensated if you purchase a product or service described here through one of our links but in no way allow fees to impact our reviews or opinions.

The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Regal Assets. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Regal Assets and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.

Imagine your own gold — the asset you can hold

==>Regal Asset can be your GOLD Provider

Shiller Cyclically Adjusted PE Chart

The following chart provieds a ten year adjusted view of historical trends it going back to 1970 and shows clear evidence that markets are overdue for correction or crisis.

Federal Reserves Role –

The Feds played major role in creating and continuing the credit bubble and are catalysts to the bursting of the bubble.

First the Fed printed  almost four trillion in new money under its QE programs increasing market liquidity.

Second, the Fed held interest rates near zero.

Bursting the Credit Bubble

Two major causes for bursting credit bubbles are:

(i) Tightening of credit, e.g., taking away the punch bowl.

(ii) Increased losses in one or more market sectors is also contributor to the bubble bust.


The Feds are now tightening credit by

(i) Raising interest rates; lead to less borrowing and more stringent borrowing conditions,

(ii) Repurchasing the toxic asset, which it purchased via its QE programs withdraw money from the system furthermore tightening credit conditions.

Both of these actions result in credit drying up and the credit bubble bursting.

The Fed are changing the credit landscape.

  • Rising Interest Rates -Feds raised rates in December 2017 and are on course to raise interest rates again in March 2018, and are planning at increases each quarter r thereafter. Taking away easy credit and increases in defaults lead to market either market corrections or, alternatively, something worse financial crisis e.g., rescission or depression.

Further tightening is occurring as the Fed preforms QE in reverse and sells the almost four trillion of toxic assets it purchased over the past few years.

Traditional valuation metrics change when the credit faucet is turned off.

credit condition are effecting the economy -NOW –

How are credit conditions effecting the economy now?

  • Household formation is now at the lowest seen since ever recorded.

According to Federal Reserve economists, the rate of new household formation has plummeted to its lowest level since records began being kept at the end of WWII. Down some 59% from the historical trend, we are seeing around 550,000 new households formed each year, as opposed to the average of 1.35 million per year through 2006

  • geographic mobility has been almost eliminated as graduates options to find work have been limited,
  • student loan losses are skyrocketing, as graduates are unable to find jobs or the jobs the find do not pay enough to repay the student loans.
  • subprime auto loans losses have  substantially increased to a point they are now effecting new auto sales.

More losses, creditors have securitized the vast majority of these auto and student loans. And they, will most likely, suffer the same fate as in 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

**GOLD — **

Gold has just completed a multi-year fifty percent retracement (bear market). In the years, 2011 through 2015 gold went down forty-five percent with a low of $240 and high of $1,900.00 and ending at $1,050.00 in 2015. Clearly, looking at this through a historical lens, gold is again ready for a bull market. folks like the great gold buyer Jim Rogers agree when he says: “Nothing goes from here to there without a 50% retracement along the way … [and he] expects gold to go much higher”

It is clear we have had the 50% retracement. The bull market is here now.

After each retracement gold has bull market —

  • January 1971 to 1980 gold went up over 2,000%.
  • Then beginning around January 1980 to August 1999, there was a 1/24 down bear market, and gold went down about 70%.
  • Then a twelve-year bull market from 1999 to 2011 and gold rose seven hundred percent (700%)
  • Finally, another bear market 2011 to 2015 and gold fell 45%




The Real Economic Issue is the Falling Dollar

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Stock Market Tumbles as US Dollar and Fiat Currencies Fall

The focus of most people is on the stock market and its rollercoaster performance. However, the real story is what is happening with the US dollar and every other fiat currency. If the dollar continues its fall than all dollar denominated investments will also fall. One of the best hedges against a falling dollar is gold. You can get a FREE informative guide on gold, and investing in gold or setting up your gold IRA here ===>.

I suggest we should be looking at the weakening dollar. On the other hand, gold appears to be undervalued and has a proven history as a hedge against a falling dollar.

We have written about money and gold on this web site  and the lessons that history provides about finance and monetary systems.

What it is clear, after years of research and reading, is that all fiat currencies have failed. Considered the oldest currency in history, the pond had ife span much longer then US dollar and it failed.


Most connect the pound with British. Yet, the pond existed in continental Europe when Rome ruled Europe. During that time, the pond was the world’s reserve currency.

As a unit of currency, the pound, was used as far back as 775 AD.

In 1694, King William established the Bank of England to continue funding his war against France.

Fiat Currency and Gold

We suggest that people should be looking at what is happening with the US dollar. Then make moves to investment strategy that will help insure if the dollar continues to fall they can be insulated. Many experts are touting the same thesis.

Jim Rickards:

The markets continue to degrade and weaken as each month passes, even though they continue to tick higher in price. The foundation that props them up is based on fiat and that is

Gold is incredibly undervalued and has not yet priced in a “collapse style scenario”. The time to buy is now. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

being threatenedThink the US dollar is to strong and will not fail?


Purchase Gold Your Hedge and Insurance against Falling Dollar

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Bitcoin, Gold and the US Dollar. Gold is up, Bitcoin and Dollar are down

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Gold, Cryptocurrencies and the US Dollar

The recent surge in gold and cryptocurrencies is a clear indication that fiat currencies are in trouble. Gold is up, cryptocurrencies and the dollar are down and experts predict this trend to be exacerbated.


Gold has risen to a 4-month peak.

Spot gold was up 0.95 percent at $1,353.80 per ounce at 12:02 p.m. EST, while U.S. gold futures for February delivery climbed 1.23 percent to $1,353.20 per ounce.

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US Dollar –

Clearly, the US Dollar is under attack from many areas: uncertainty, inflation, trade wars, movement by countries away from dollar denominated financial system and even from the Trump administration. Irrespective of the reason, when the dollar falls one outcome is that gold rises.

The Evidence –

  • The weakening U.S. dollar is creating uncertainty. This uncertainty is leading investors to look for a hedge and protection. The US Government has indicated it will continue efforts to weaken the dollar.
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated:

“a softer dollar was good for the United States. Meanwhile the dollar index shows three-year lows.”

potential trade wars and inflation

The potential of a weaker dollar is futher exacerbated by potiential inflation and trade wars. The markets including China sees these as reasons to invest in gold as a hedge.

  • “Global investors are also concerned about potential trade wars… which is stirring up some risk-aversion trade, so that, in turn, is supporting gold,” said Richard Xu, a fund manager at China’s biggest gold exchange-traded fund,
  • HuaAn Gold. “I think gold prices will continue to trend higher along with other commodities, so $1,400 (an ounce) is our near-term target.”


Bitcoin may be a bubble however, the technology may revolutionize the world financial system

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  • Since early 2017, Bitcoin has risen in price from less than $1,000 to nearly $20,000. Crypto is an alternative, enticing way of opting out of our current banking and money system.

The sauce behind Bitcoin

This site as have a few investors and advisor like Mike Maloney have researched the technology behind cryptocurrency.

The result of this research is we all see that this technology could very well be an alternative to current systems such as central banks and government controlled systems.

The appeal to crypto currencies is rooted in the loss of confidence in fiat Government issued currencies. The loss in trust with the world banking system.

  • What is misunderstood or unknown is that what is behind the curtain and the appeal to cryptocurrencies, i.e., “Digital Ledger Technology”.

Bitcoin History and argument for new system:

Bitcoin is the first digitalized, decentralized, non-government issued currency. A White paper published in 2008 detailed an alternative, new form of currency (Bitcoin).

The paper white paper published under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. This publisher could have been and individual or group of people, but the paper outlined the Digital Ledger technology and Bitcoin form of currency.

The thesis of this paper was to address commerce’s reliance on financial institutions to process payments.

Purcahse Bitcoin Safe and Secure from ==>Regal Assets

electronic payments and settlements by banking system

Clearly nearly, 100% of all payments are now electronic then by extension financial institutions process nearly 100% of all transactions.

This done when financial institutions act as intermediary for both the merchant and buyer in a confidence and trust relationship.

Currently there is a loss of confidence and trust in fiat currencies and financial systems.

Let me begin by recalling the admitted actions of Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo created millions of new fake accounts then charged fees to unknowing customers. This of course, is only one example of many such fraudulent and untrustworthy actions by our banking system. So it easy to see why people have lost confidence in the system.

The real reason that cryptocurrency may survive

Behind Bitcoin is and electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof. (Digital Ledger Technology) This technology eliminates the need use or trust a financial institution.

Nakamoto, digital ledger technology and bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are a method to complete transaction between any two parties directly via the internet.

“Nakamoto introduced and described the concept by writing: A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending. We propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer network. The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-work. The longest chain not only serves as proof of the sequence of events witnessed, but proof that it came from the largest pool of CPU power.” (Source: Gold Silver)

To read the white go here: è Satoshi Nakamoto published a whitepaper detailing a new form of currency

But — To Have Value Somebody has to buy your Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin just saw huge declines.
  • Is it the beginning of a bear market? No body knows however, when viewed through a historical lens when you see a dramatic rise as in bitcoin then there is a huge correction, i.e., downturn. Further,
  • Bitcoin has no support or historical appeal or value other then what speculators have placed on it. So when people stop buying at higher price what will happen?

Gold As an Alternative to the Dollar

  • So if you agree with the argument that people have lost confidence and do not want to deal with banks and government; is gold a viable alternative?  Simply put, “Yes”;

  • Gold has over five thousand (5,000) years of acceptance and value. As we have often discussed on this site there have been times when gold, was used as money; Nevertheless, even when it was not, in any historical period, it had value and was exchangeable into currencies;
  • Gold can help provide you a safe haven against a falling dollar;
  • Commodities, including gold, have rallied and threatened the 200 level for the first time since 2015;
  • Hence, we suggest that gold appears to be a great bet if you desire to position ahead of this weak, falling dollar.

US Dollar has seen loss of Confidence and is Falling

After the first three weeks of 2018 the US dollar has fallen. Most experts, including this site have made the argument this downward trend will continue through 2018;

The following chart shows how the dollar had topped and fallen in early 2018. The Dollar Index has continually fallen since 2017 when it was near 104 to where it is now, near 91.



Gold Price Up, Gold Rate Today UP, Bitcoin, Dollar Down

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US Dollar is Down, Bitcoin is Down, Gold is up




Bitcoin —


  1. Bitcoin ook another dip in December 2107.
  2. Bitcoin has recovered from such downturns in the past but history tells us that bitcoins rapid rise in price is unsustainable and typically end in collapse.
  3. Bitcoin has made some people fortunes; the important thing to keep in mind is timing of your investment is the difference between profit or loss.
  4. For instance, the investors that purchased bitcoin in early December at its highest lost by month end.
  5. The gold rate today and gold price is up over 1,300.00.
  6. The dollar is down again despite the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. As the confidence in the dollar declines, the price of gold will increase.
  7. Gold on the other hand has shown solid steady growth and its history indicates gold is on the verge of another bull market.

Regal Assets–


We are offering Regal Assets as a service to you with hopes it will be of value to you to as a company to deliver and cryptocurrency purchase. Following are some current facts and thoughts for your consideration:

Should you decide to purchase bitcoin we have made available a delivery company — Regal Assets — a quality trustworthy company, can handle you transaction.

  • Bitcoin is a Crypto currency and represent virtual money, nothing more or less.
  • There is no doubt there are people who have made a great deal of money investing in bitcoin. This site is not offering an opinion but are presenting facts for so you can make informed decision for your investment.
  • The facts seem to indicate bitcoin is a bubble but the jury is still out.
  • We caution our readers bitcoin expresses all the characteristics of a massive bubble. If it proves to be a bubble and bursts your success will be subject to the timing of purchasing and selling of your bitcoin investment.
  • Bitcoin was down early January 2018.


Bitcoin may be down but the technology that is the driving force behind all crypto currencies remains solid, proven and safe.

We suggest; the “Blockchain technology” (Distributed Ledger Technology), the system behind all cryptocurrencies has much to offer our financial system and our society in general.

We further suggest; Blockchain technology or some offshoot of it, along with gold may replace the world’s current dollar denominated system.

Blockchain Technology –

  • We have been researching and digesting the Blockchain technology for some time and found the technology to be real and very promising. So please see the distinction between bitcoin and Blockchain for in understanding that distinction, we believe, will be the road to great profits.
  • Bit coin fell below 9,000 from 20,000 high in December.

Gold and Distributed Ledger Technology Together-

  • Very possibly this could use Distributed Ledger technology (a form of blockchain technology). The difference is the system announced by Russia, China, etc. is gold backed.
  • Further, this system, once operational, can settle oil, commodities, weapons, manufactured goods and balance payments without dollars or any Western systems.
  • Importantly I suggest this will further degrade the confidence in the US dollar.


Regal Assets Quality, Proven provider of Precious Metal – Gold

  • We know that China and Russia have accumulated thousands of tons of gold. Now they have begun the move to bypass the US dollar payment system. Jim Rickards book, “Currency Wars”.  The book explains his work for and with Pentagon, into situations described as “financial wars”.
  • Russia, China, and their BRICS allies at the most recent monetary conference in Moscow, announced they are creating and moving to their own gold trading system (bypassing SWIFT, London and New York). Blockchain technology –

The Big Winner will be GOLD












The Argument for Gold in 2018 — Gold Price and Gold Rates are rising

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The Argument for Gold in 2018

  • Confidence in the US and its currency has never been lower than it is today. Government shut down has given the world and investors another reason for losing confidence in US Dollar. As confidence wanes investors will flee the dollar and drive price of assets such as gold up.
  • The world is moving away from having the US Dollar as its reserve currency. China and Russia have made this public and are making aggressive move to accomplish this happen. Last Wednesday China announced it will be selling and buying less US Treasuries.
  • The US Dollar continues its fall and gold is alternative of choice for investors, and it will be for you when you purchase it.
  • Inflation is up, despite what the Government may publish. Not once in history has gold failed to be a safe hedge against inflation and it is now, so it is prudent for you to own Gold.
  • China is moving away and selling current holding in treasuries. It is easy to see ho this will lead to a further decline in the US Dollar.
  • In December, 2017 Federal Reserve raised interest rates. This was the third December in a row that the Feds have done this and every time after they raised rates gold prices prices rose and continued their rise throught the year. So gold price rose in January, 2018 and you can expect the rise to continue throught 2018.




Government Shut Down –

The government shut down comes at a time that confidence in the US dollar is at an all-time low. Even if there is a short-term solution, (CRS) the world is seeing a dysfunctional government in chaos.

Some may argue that the ebb of confidence in US goes only to social and environmental issues. However, this argument is short sided, it does not account for what history teaches us.

Once a countries status falters then that lack of confidence rolls into its economic stature. The loss of confidence in the US also means loss in US Dollar. It is evident a result of the shut down is that the  dollar, already at a four year low, will also see a loss of confidence and further devaluation.


US Dollar at lowest level in Four Years –

Major currencies climbed to fresh multi-month and multi-year highs against the U.S. dollar this second week in January 2018. This plunge contines despite the Federal Reserve raising interest rate

late December, 2017.

China has begun to liquidate US Treasuries en masse. Last Wednsday China anounced it would begin selling and reduce its future purchases of US Treasuries. Of course, China is world largest owner of trasuries and as they reduce there demand the price of trasuries wil have to rise.

Gold the Asset you can OWN AND HOLD


Important Reason to Buy Gold – Regal Wallet for Bitcoin

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Who should invest in bitcoin (crypto currencies)

There are divergent views on crypto currencies. Half say invest in them and the other half say don’t invest in them. So why are there such opposing views?

One answer may be found looking at history and financial bubbless.

Bitcoin and Money?

Bitcoin may be considered a form of money.

The two most important elements in the slippery concept of money are confidence and trust. Confidence that if you take money you can trust that another party will take it for their goods or services.  Without confidence is hard to get and once lost very dificult, if not impossible to get back. Currently bitcoin does have a degree of confidence as money but it is limited and small in comparison to other forms of money that exist, i.e., gold, U.S. Dollar.

Authorizing Agent

Another important element of money is that it has an authorizing agencey or Government.

For instance, in the case of th U.S. Dollar the good faith and credit of the U.S. economy stands behind it. The authorizing agency is the U. S. Government. The U.S. Government has given its dollar as “legal Tender”, i.e., it will be accepted in payment of taxes, or any other goods or services. This acceptance is a matter of fact worlwide.

Back to bitcoin

So back to the point of bitcoin and why peoples view it so differently. Bitcoin has no Country or countries economic support behind it. Currently, bitcoion has been gaining acceptance both in the US and abroad. However, if people begin to loose the faith that they can use bitcoin to purchase a good or service then the support for it could evaborate. So yes bitcoin is a form of money. In the early days of our country, before the constitution diferent states had diferent currencies that could be used to purchase goods and services. If there was enough confidence in a certian states currency then it could be used to purchase items in olther states.  For example todayt bicoin cannot be used to pay taxes of any country. So while it can be used to be a very limited way to purchae goods and services it is not accepted just anywhere.  So when you buy bitcoin you are believing that its acceptance will continue to grow or your buying speculating its value to the market will increase.

When a Country issues money then it is backed by the countries economy and the good faith credit the countries economy will remain strong.

On the other hand btcoin has no such support. So you ask what give it its value?

The value is similar to the value given a stock certificate. But even in a stock certificate you have the earnings, management and business of the underlying company to support the stock certificate. When you have a dollar and purchase stock in a company you are looking for th value of that stock to rise. The stock is not money.

So bitcoin is more like that stock certificate and you are purchaing it with hopes that its value will rise. Of course, this is the definition of a speculative investment. Both stock and bitcoin should be classified as speculative investments. And this is why fifty percent of the people you ask will say do not buy bitcoin.

What is Driving Increase in Price of Bitcoin is it a Bubble?

Bitcoin tremendous price increases in such a short period of time are clasic signs of a speculative bubble. A historical exalmples was the Tulup mania bubble, 1636-163.

Fortunes are made and lost in bubbles however, as in the case of Tuluip Mania once the bubble burst then investors are left with nothing. (Shortly we will be posting historical review of Tulip Mania Bubble)


We do not offer investment advice. All writings on this site are offered as information and solely expresses our opinion. Every investor should research and study any investment before making it.

However, if you have decided to purchase bitcoin, Regal Assets, is the choice to make and will assist you in a prompt, responsive and professional, manner.

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Historically bitcoin has shown unbelievable return to its investors. Unlike gold bitcoin is not considered and asset and has no value other then what the market assigns to it.

A comparison is the internet stock of the nineties. Crypto currencies seem to be playing the same role as internet stock in the nineties.

This site can offer value to you our readers by providing historical data from various sources. We will also link to other site so you can have a rounded perspective.  History can provide us a lens through which we can better understand current scenarios, hence, make better decisions. We hope you will find our posts and site informational and also help you avoid much of the minutia and get to the import points of the subject.

History of Bitcoin and the “Block Chain” Process

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“Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation and management, rather than relying on central authorities.” [ ]

In other words bitcoin is a digital currency, as opposed to say the US Dollar, which is paper currency. As such Bitcoin is medium of exchange whose value is determined by the market and parties involved in the transaction.

Blockchain — the system that processes and exchange of bit coins

Blockchain is a system in which transactions are made and recorded in cryptocurrency and are maintained and linked in a network.

Let us present this analogy for the process that occurs when a bitcoin transaction is made; — Let’s say you buy some groceries. When you pay for your groceries with US Dollars then if it were a bitcoin transaction the bitcoin would take be presented instead of the US Dollars.

What Happens After the Exchange — Groceries for Bitcoin?

Let know consider what happens after you have given the grocer your Bitcoin.

But first let us review what happens in a US Dollar exchange. After the sale at the grocery store then typically at the end of the day or next morning –those dollars from you are deposited in the stores bank in its account.

The process of accounting for this bank deposit transaction and all the deposits to the Bank are recorded and accounted for by a clearing house called the Federal Reserve. Currently one of the most used platforms for banking communications is ‘SWIFT”.

The website American Banker, has indicated — the ability for blockchain technology to replace “an old-fashioned payment settlement and messaging technology” called SWIFT was discussed. The conclusion was that blockchain could prove to be enormously transformational, potentially even replacing the SWIFT network for inter-bank payments. Next to that it seems as though blockchain could not only replace SWIFT but also increase the security, expediency, and accuracy of the system. To clarify, Blockchain is not Bitcoin think of Bitcoin and a dollar bill and Blockchain as the Federal Reserve and SWFT System. So American Banker is saying the technology behind Blockchain may offer a new and more efficient way to handle money transactions.

On the other hand crypto currency is handled by a process or system named “block chain”. We won’t go into the details of the block chain process here but will say that the computer process is designed to be secure, safe and private.

Because the process is private is not subject to review or intervention from Federal Reserve or Government there is no regulatory oversite, simply computer generated safeguards.

  • This privacy is one of its appeals to investors.
  • The process is also not subject to interference by governmental agencies which is another of its appeals.

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