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Gold Bull Market?

Mr. Jim Roger and Mr. George Soros cofounders of Quantum Fund two of the greatest commodities traders today have said they own a lot of gold and expect gold to go much higher.

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Gold as any other commodity goes up and down

Some have a reluctance to invest in gold saying it has been flat or gone down recently. Clearly, gold like all commodities goes up and goes down has bull and bear market cycles. So let us review the historical trends and current situation for gold.

The up and down of Gold –

Historically “nothing goes from here to there without a fifty percent retracement along the way” (Jim Rogers). Historically, gold shows us how true Mr. Rogers’s statement is for gold.

Past Performance of GOLD?

  • 1971-80 Gold rose 2,000%
  • 1980-1999 gold fell 70%
  • 1999-2011 gold rose 700%
  • 2011-2015 gold fell 45%

some question investment in gold

Gold Today:

  • 2016 Bull Market gold up   8%
  • 2017 Bull Market gold up 13%
  • 2018 Bull market gold up    3%
  • Now some people argue gold has been volatile, but one reason for this, we know, is that there has been manipulation of gold prices. Mostly this has resulted from the futures market. We have seen players like China bring down the price gold sometimes in as little as one day. Since 2015, Gold is up over twenty-five percent. Here is what gold has done recently:

What is important to note is that we have had back-to-back years where gold has gone up. Therefore, we are in the third year of a bull market. In this bull market, we the fundamentals are good, the technical are good and the supply-demand situation is good for a continuation of the bull market.

There are many other considerations indicating a substantial rise in gold is imminent. A few are:

  • Recently China Announced it will buy and sell gold in gold backed by the Yuan instead of the US Dollar. This will increase demand for gold
  • loss of confidence in the US Dollar,

Last week at the World Economic Forum Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said a weak U.S. dollar was good for trade, almost immediately the U.S. dollar slumped and reached a three-year low, gold rose above $1,350. Weaker dollar means higher gold prices.

  • Bitcoin appears to be collapsing or at minimum have a huge correction
  • financial panic,
  • uncertainty,
  • inflation,
  • The World is moving away from US Dollar
  • Countries are moving into other types of currencies and away from a dollar denominated system. Possibly the yuan or controlled cryptocurrencies. The entire economic system is in turmoil and experts say “we are at the end game”.
  • Shortage — Gold producers are working 24-7 but still cannot keep up with demand,
  • We must also mention that gold price have increased despite the Fed’s interest rates increases. Normally increase in interest rates makes it difficult for gold to go up.

The Fed’s plan is to raise interest rates every quarter by twenty-five basis points.

Regarding this plan, let us suggest that the Fed’s raising interest rates will slow the economy down and then the Fed’s will have stop at least temporarily raising interest rates.